Dog Obedience Training



This Dog Obedience Training App will help you teach your dog the basics of obedience. Obedience training is quite simply training your dog to be obedient. It includes training them the basic commands including: sit, stay, heel, come and so on. This app will introduce fundamental control commands and give you basic control of your dog.

Table of Contents

So You Want To Train Your Dog

Key Benefits of Obedience Training

Pre-Training Guidelines

Puppy Training: Leash Walking

The Three-Step Guide

The “Sit” Command

The Three-Step Guide

The “Down” Command

The Two-Step Guide

The “Come” Command

Why Doesn't Your Dog Come When Called?

The Comprehensive Six-Step Guide

The “Stay” Command

The Three-Step Guide

The “Heel” Command

The Comprehensive Eight-Step Guide

The “Go To” Commands

The Nine-Step Guide

The “Leave It” Command

The Seven-Step Guide

The “Stand” Command

The Six-Step Guide

Everyone’s Favorite: “Fetch”

The Five-Step Guide

You’re Ready To Move On To Greater Things

A well-trained dog makes for a better behaved pet, a better relationship between pet and owner, and a safer city. Be patient with your pooch, and yourself. You’re both on the learning curve. Happy training!

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