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    DOG TRAINING 4 U, brought to you by TheK9Way, aims to empower dog owners to effectively deal with problem behaviours.

    As a professional dog trainer I use these methods with my clients on a daily basis and receive consistent results.
    The lovely by-product of applying these simple techniques is a calm and relaxed dog.
    The focus of this app is on communicating with your dog in a way it understands (TheK9Way), not using tricks or commands.

    Lessons found in the DOG TRAINING 4 U app include:

    Key principles on providing appropriate leadership for your dog

    Answers addressing 37 common behavioural problems

    3. "THEK9WAY BLOG"
    TheK9Way Blog with interesting and informative support articles

    Access to one-on-one video sessions wherever you are

    This app and its content is for dog owners who take, or want to take responsibility for their dog's behaviour.
    Your dog responds to the signals you provide, hence it is up to you to change how you communicate and therefore change your dog.

    Tricks & commands are important to people and can be very useful, but they are not important to your dog.
    The relationship with your dog is defined by respect, trust, attentiveness, or lack thereof.
    This is why appropriate leadership is so important. You and your dog are worth it!
    Take charge now and see the changes you want.

    Behavioural issues covered in the app include:

    . Aggression towards dogs
    . Aggression towards people
    . Barking at home
    . Barking at objects
    . Barking on the walk
    . Begging
    . Boundary running
    . Car sickness
    . Car trouble
    . Chasing animals
    . Chasing objects
    . Chasing tail, light, shadows etc
    . Chewing
    . Chewing/licking self
    . Digging
    . Eating faeces
    . Fear of noise
    . Fear of objects
    . Fear of people
    . Following around
    . Growling
    . Hyperactivity
    . Humping
    . Jumping up
    . Leave it
    . Mouthing
    . Nipping
    . No-go area
    . Non-recall
    . Feeding time
    . Running away
    . Separation anxiety
    . Socialization
    . Toilet troubles
    . Stealing food
    . Vet visits

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