Dogs Handbook



Are you a little too busy to maintain the luxurious locks of the Lhasa Apso? Do you want the personal protection of a Doberman Pinscher but don't think you have what it takes to own one? Now you can get a taste of each and every breed you've ever admired but didn't have the time, resources, or chutzpah to care for. Dogs Handbook is the addictive game that helps you learn about and recognize hundreds of dog breeds through images. Jump right into a 10-question quiz that shows you a picture of a dog and gives you four answers as options. If you don't get one hundred percent right the first time, you'll want to keep trying until you're a dog breed recognition pro.

****** Features *******
- Play an addictive dog breed recognition game
- Enjoy learning about over 200 breeds with a supplementary guide
- Get details on temperament and breed history