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The doll story paradise "for children to provide interactive story to listen to, say, play experience. In the traditional pictures and music played on the basis of the main story to increase the object point reading pronunciation, listening to stories to realize knowledge content. At the same time for each screen increase jigsaw puzzles, realize three difficulty levels picture recovery puzzle, thus increasing the child to the memory of the story and picture. Still can online download new story, the story continuously, fun!

At present the story list:
The plump come"
The slow but sure"
The onion story"
The CaoChong say like"
"Little tadpole find mom"

Main functions:
1, provides automatic flip over play and manual flip over play two modes. Auto flip after reading a page will turn to the next page, the manual turn the page after reading a page will stop at the current page, the manual cross screen forward or backward to turn the page;
2, hand play mode also provide screen main character and object point read function, click flashing blue icon can be pronunciation, help children cognitive things;
3, reading interface upper part there are three ICONS, which provide to return to main interface, playing games and realize pause/play function;
4, online download new story

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