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Learn how to create your own manga drawings

  • A guide to help you learn
  • Perfect for manga fans
  • Step by step instructions
  • You'll draw on paper, not the screen

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"A guide on how to draw manga"


You're not born knowing how to do everything, unfortunately. Drawing is something that you can learn, and it isn't all about innate talent. To help you out, there are tools, like Draw Manga, which guides you towards making your own manga drawings. You can choose different images, and follow the instructions so that it comes out perfectly on paper.


Don't forget that you're not drawing on the screen here. It's a guide to learn the strokes and pick up some basic skills for when it comes to drawing on paper. So, first things first, before even starting the app, grab a pencil and some paper. Then choose the image you like the most (from different categories) and start to learn, step-by-step, how it's done.


Unfortunately, you can't draw on the the screen!

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by Cecília

Aug 24, 2015

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