Dropbox VTC



Dropbox is one of the most popular file hosting services. It allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder. You can easily share all the files you want with your friends, coworkers and family. Even more, with Dropbox you can backup all the stuff and have no worries about operation system crashing!

Such functionality needs a good tutorial to get to know all of it. That's why we made this complete video training course for you.

Our video tutorials do not require much attention, so you can learn anything you wanted to know about Dropbox literally at any convenient moment - travelling to work, working out in a gym, or relaxing just before going to sleep. You have just 56min to learn it all.

This is what you're going to learn listening to our training course:

1. How to install Dropbox on Ubuntu
2. How to update Dropbox program
3. How to share files online. The simplest way
4. How to add files to Dropbox Folder
5. How to upload to Dropbox via email
6. How to download online files to Dropbox
7. How to save Email data to Dropbox
8. How to join a Dropbox shared folder
9. How to download a Dropbox gallery
10. How To sync your life with Dropbox
11. How to make Dropbox sync my documents folder
12. How to share Dropbox file link
13. How to share Dropbox folder link
14. How to make a Dropbox folder public
15. How to unshare Dropbox folders
16. How to leave a shared folder in Dropbox
17. How to move Dropbox folder location
18. How to use Dropbox to backup files
19. How to automatically backup Dropbox
20. How to restore Dropbox public folder
21. How to run Dropbox as a windows service
22. How to change Dropbox user on computer
23. How to change Dropbox account on a Laptop
24. How to run multiple Dropbox accounts Simultaneously in Windows
25. How to sync multiple Dropbox accounts
26. How to Merge multiple Dropbox accounts
27. How to link Dropbox to a new computer
28. How to sync Dropbox and 1password
29. How to sync Dropbox with Evernote
30. How to sync Dropbox with Google docs
31. How to install Dropbox on Jolicloud
32. How to reset Dropbox password
33. How to change Dropbox account password
34. How to change Dropbox email address
35. How to delete Dropbox events
36. How to delete Dropbox Files
37. How to delete Dropbox Photos
38. How to delete Dropbox Album
39. How to delete Dropbox History
40. How to delete Dropbox Cache
41. How to delete Dropbox from a PC
42. How to uninstall Dropbox without deleting files
43. How to delete Dropbox Account