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Assalaamualekum my dear brothers and sisters,

FYI: (Current) Release 1.1.2 is a minor release. I fixed two words in the text based on the suggestions and review feedback provided by my local Imam.

Dua (Supplication or Invocation) is a means to remember Allah (SWT) in our daily activities. Dua is the very essence of worship.

alAthar means The Most Pure. Dua alAthar is a collection of some common supplications in a Muslim's day-to-day life.

Features: Arabic (text) and English translation with options to change Arabic fonts and sizes.

Dua List:

Dua after Azan
Dua after waking up from sleep
Dua after making Wudhu
Dua al Istikhara
Dua al Qunoot
Dua before entering the bathroom
Dua when any calamity strikes
Dua when entering the Masjid
Dua when in any difficulty
Dua while boarding a Vehicle

Arbaeen (40) Rabbana are the 40 dua from the Quran.

Dua alAthar app is an attempt to please Allah (SWT) by developing Arabic Unicode font support for Android. Dua alAthar is an evolving experimental Project.

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