Early Birds Times Tables



Times Tables are something every child (or grown-up) has to learn, so why not make the process more fun with Early Birds: Times Tables Training?

Help Ernie the Bird find the eggs with his brothers and sisters in - these are the ones with multiples of your chosen tables set on. So if you chose to play with the 3 times table for example, you'd have to find eggs with multiples of 3 on - 6, 9, 21 etc.

Play with any table set from the twos to the twelves and see if you can beat your high scores - it's fiendishly addictive and great for consolidating your knowledge of your times tables.

By reaching different target times you'll earn Egglets - unique, colourful eggs that were laid at exactly midnight. There are 55 to collect, each one with its own theme, stats and image. Crocodile eggs, chocolate eggs, football eggs - they're all there. Collect them and wobble them!

This app can be used to consolidate the times tables a child is learning at school or in conjunction with a test-based times tables app like Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication, also available from KeyStageFun on Android.

Up to 7 profiles can be set up on one device, meaning everyone's progress is kept separate and children of different ages and abilities can make their own way through the game without affecting anyone else's scores.

Some praise from happy parents and children for KeyStageFun's other apps:

“Love this app! It's been great for helping my kids learn their times tables in a fun way!”

“My 10 year old loves it and I practically have to wrestle my phone off her!”

“Amazing. This app is great for kids like me. I love it.”

Enjoy, and please e-mail info@keystagefun.co.uk if you have any questions.

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