Easy Geometry Calculator



perimeter and area of a square
Area of an equilateral triangle
area of a regular polygon with n sides
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Square area Area of ​​a rectangle
Finding the side of a square surface
Trapezoid area
Parallelogram area
Dalton area Scope
Square Scope of the rectangle
Square volume Triangle
Area Scope of the triangle

Regular Shapes

the radius of the circle
Perimeter of a circle,
Perimeter of a square
radius larger & smaller

triangle sides abc: find angles ABC
Another 5 formulas
The 30° 60° 90° Right Triangle
The 45° 45° 90° Right Triangle

Equilateral triangle inside the circle

Find the Radius of a Circle Inscribed in a Triangle
Find radius of circumscribed Circle Inscribed in a Triangle

formula for lateral surface area of a cone
find slant height
find α-Angle

Volume of a truncated cone

Cone volume Cylinder volume
Volume basis. R.
Surface area Casing

Casing Cylinder shell Surface area
Volume of a pyramid
Lateral Area of a Rectangular Prism

Volume of Balls
Surface Areaof Balls
Spherical segment
radius of a spherical segment

formula Parabola
y= ax²+b+c
Coordinates x y axis

length of angle bisector

Find Lengths of sides and Area
given α β height

line from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2).
Finding the Slope of a Line
Finding the b
b intercept formula

Linear Equations - Slope Forms
Positive Slope
Negative Slope
Zero Slope

Square in a circle inscribed in a square

Area of A Sector


isosceles triangle

the area of the shaded region
Area Of A Segment
surface area of the cube

Scale circuit Diameter radius
The total radius Surface radius
Volume of a cube Box
volume Missing rib
Vertical Angles
Supplementary angles
Angle bisector
corresponding angles
Acute Angles
Obtuse Angles...


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