Easy Periodic Table



Easy Periodic Table is an useful educational utility. It provides 20 most important Chemical information about each element in the Periodic Table. Elements can be tracked using a chart. Complete details can be exported to a CSV file format. A Complete Educational Utility.

Following 20 Chemical Information are provided for each element:
• Element
• Symbol
• Atomic Number
• Atomic Weight
• Bonding Radius
• Atomic Radius
• Ionization Potential
• Electronegativity
• Density
• Melting Point
• Boiling Point
• Heat of Vaporization
• Heat of Fusion
• Electrical Conductivity
• Thermal Conductivity
• Specific Heat Capacity
• Group
• Electron Configuration
• Number of Isotopes
• Polarizability

All elements are categorized with respect to group.

Specifications are provided for groups, periods and state and properties of elements.

Export facility:
• All the chemical information about each and every element can be exported to CSV file format.
• Files can be stored under any name of user's choice.

Key Features:
• Dynamic Chart presentation for easy usage.
• Extremely Accurate Information.
• Specifications are provided to recognize the nature and characteristics of the element.
• Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up data verifications.
• Pleasant Presentation of report which carries all the 20 Chemical Information.

Highly Useful Educational Utility

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