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Have you ever read books of rifles? Now you have a chance to know more about all kinds of guns without paying any money! No matter if you can use guns weapon or enter a gun store in real life, it is necessary and important for all of us to know the basic knowledge of gun weapons! Because Gun is one of the most powerful weapon! As a people may encounter some bad thing, we need a knowledge to protect ourselves. With this app named Ebook Of Rifles, you can get a answer of what kind of gun suit you most and you can get the information of guns that hand by others easily.
Know all information of guns is necessary for both adult and children! Only know them, can help you in some special time!
Ebook Of Rifles is not really a Ebook for you. It is a free app that can be installed in your android mobile phone. It has same function with ebooks. So we give it this name!

What the book will teach you?
- Type: rifle or pistol or others.
- Place of origin: name of country or commonwealth.
- Serve history: serve time and which war is take part in.
- Production history: who developed it ans when it appeared in world.
- Specifications: *Weight kg with rounds number.
*Length number and Barrel length
*Cartridge and rate of fire.
*The effective range and feed system...
- In addition to the aspect I mentioned, you can also see a large text after the basic introduction. The text is as detail as in Wikipedia!

- The free application provide you almost a hundred types of gun. All of them are popular and typical guns of countries!
- It assorts them according to many standards: Type, country, era and the bullet number.
- Off you a picture of every gun and you can see what the gun looked like clearly!
- Show you all kinds of guns apart from the rifles. We also have pistols, carbines, flame thrower and many other types.
- We also added new function buttons. They can help you to keep the mobile phone screen on or install other free apps developed by us!

Every country has their own gun weapons. In this country, you can choose and search guns information according to countries. If you are interested in the gun developed by United Kingdom, you can press this country to search information. There are about 8 countries for you to choose! Other standards also provide you! I bet you can become a well-known people about guns after searching in this application.
Download this Ebook Of Rifles. It will not let you down! Please pay more attention to the education of guns. It really can take an important role in human's life!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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