EBS Snail Lite



EBS Snail Lite

▶ Children’s App for learning nature with fun fairy-tale documentary video

▶ ‘The Fairy-Tale Documentary: Snail’ will let your children enjoy the real appearance of nature with fun and educational contents in video format.
It will be a good gift to your children to show them a beautiful nature for an educational purpose in an interesting way

▶ App will deliver the story based on the scientific facts as ‘Dalgo and Snail’ the two characters traveling & experiencing thorough the natural world

▶ It is a fairy-tale documentary video to convey children to understand by themselves and to give them a full sense of nature spontaneously.

▶ ‘EBS Snail Lite’ List
- Breaking out of its shell
- My poop is the Vitamin

▶ Co-production: EBS and Will Pictures (Korea)
Developed by: W-Ever Company

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