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Education app for parents with children 8-18

This useful educational App contains over 60 questions for parents, single parents and , covering the main everyday issues that confront children. It is a practical, fun tool that can help, on the basis of simple questioning techniques, that are targeted at the difficult situations and experiences that most children run into.

Special Topic

•Money and budgets

Update to the topic of money and budgets. How can children learn to deal with money? Information for parents, guidelines for pocket money, borrowing and leasing, integrated budget table

Main topics

• Motivation + praise
• Self-confidence
• Frustration tolerance
• Strength + Resources
• Responsibility + reflection
• Criticism

Issues that come up during conversations between children and their mothers, fathers and guardians:

• Possible child behavior is described
• The 'Conventional' mother/father reactions that should be avoided
• Test issues that are likely to emerge when mothers / fathers are talking to their children
• Possible (often stereotypical) responses their children may use
• Neutral reactions, with possible follow-up question by mothers/fathers
• Fuller explaination of the goals children can be asked to achieve
• What the parent's intentions are when using this procedure

The author - Jürgen Feigel - is a qualified social worker and family therapist, who works both as an adolescent and family Counsellor, as well as running his own specialist practice (dealing with child and family counseling. He has a wealth of professional experience with children, adolescents, parents, couples and lone parents.

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