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    The Electric Longboard Plans is created by the creator of

    >>The app covers many aspects of building a DIY electric longboard, including :
    ✓Extremely helpful tips that are vital to building the longboard.
    ✓A VIP Support center, which allows you to contact the creator of these plans. (Respond to confirmation email)
    ✓Extra information, including LOTS of pictures, videos, audio, and more.
    ✓Tutorial on charging your LiPo battery.
    ✓PDF Downloads of the plans.
    ✓Tutorial on setting up slower acceleration (It does accelerate VERY fast)
    ✓Tutorial on setting up a throttle limit/brake limit/reverse limit
    ✓More detailed info for wiring, including pictures, diagrams, and soldering tutorial
    ✓Full longboard specs, including information on finding parts that will fit.
    ✓Explanation of what exactly charging, fast charging, balance, storing means.
    ✓Electronics configuration, including Bind/Program/ETC.
    ✓Explanation of when to storage, balance, charge, etc. your LiPo.
    ✓VITAL Information on caring for your LiPo battery. LiPo's can be VERY dangerous if not handle correctly.
    ✓Links to some parts that are helpful for caring for your LiPo, and keeping it safe.
    ✓Links to the correct cogs/belts to get.
    ✓Information about which bolts to use for fastening the motor.
    ✓Link to some parts for fastening electronics.
    ✓Alternative to welding yourself.
    ✓Explanation of Voltage, Cells, S, A, Amps, Current, etc.
    ✓Explanation of how to find electronics that will be compatible with one another.
    ✓What to do if motor is spinning backwards.
    ✓And tons more..

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