Electrical Series & Parallel



Electrical Series & Parallel Calculator contains Resistance (Series & Parallel) Calculator, Inductance (Series & Parallel) Calculator and Capacitance (Series & Parallel) Calculator with Multiple Units. Automatic Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes. Formulas are provided for all calculators.

*** Available in English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsch & Português ***

Electrical Series and Parallel Calculator:
Electrical Series and Parallel Calculator contains following 6 Calculators:
• Resistance (Series) Calculator
• Resistance (Parallel) Calculator
• Inductance (Series) Calculator
• Inductance (Parallel) Calculator
• Capacitance (Series) Calculator
• Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator

Key Features:
• Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry, Easy Viewing and Calculation Speed.
• Multiple options for calculating each values.
• Automatic Calculation of the Output with respect to changes in the Input, Options & Units.
• Multiple Units are provided for each parameters for conversion purpose.
• Formulas are provided for each calculator.
• Extremely Accurate Calculators.

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