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Whether you are a Nobel-prize winning chemist or an average Joe, it never hurts to learn the basics of the Periodic Table. However, learning the Periodic Table can be intimidating and difficult if you try to memorize it all at once. In contrast, it can be easy and fun if you take it slow.

With Element of the Day, you will learn about a different element everyday. You will learn basic facts such as symbol and atomic number. Throughout the course of a year, you would've seen every element at least 3 times.

And unlike buying books about the Periodic Table, this app is completely free of charge. Not a single Nickel (Atomic Number 28, Symbol is Ni) will be lost!

-Learn a new element everyday!
-Learn the Symbol, Atomic Number, Category, State of Matter, Boiling Point and Melting Point

What are you waiting for! Download Element of the Day right now!

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