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EDictPro (English Dictionary Pro) is the best free and offline english dictionary with all english data in one. With English Dictionary EDictPro, this app has rich sets of data and supports some new special features.

In the new version of English Dictionary Pro (EDictPro), only EDictPro, supports the new special features:
* Support widget to learn english word in main dictionary, your favourite or your word notes.
* Support 'Quick Dictionary' to lookup quickly the meaning of keywords.
* Add 'Chemical Dictionary' data.
* Support Pro Version (No ads) by purchasing the licence of app.
* Allows select main dictionary quickly in main screen.
* Allows show/hide the meaning for earch dictionary: This feature will help you focus on your dictionaries interested.
* Save and display note of the keywords: This feature will help you save more information about the word, save your general meaning. It helps you focus and remember the characteristic meaning of the words.

The app English Dictionary EDictPro support the rich data sets:
- Wordnet dictionary
- Babylon English Dictionary
- Babylon Picture Dictionary
- American Idioms
- World History Dictionary
- Microsoft Computer Dictionary
- Gerry Vocab Teacher
- Britannica Concise Dictionary
- Chemical Compound Dictionary
- Chemical Dictionary (New)
- Word Web 1.1 (New)
- Wiktionary (New)
- Oxford World Encyclopedia (New)
- Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1.3.3 (New)
- English Grammar Secrets (New)
- Infographics English Grammar (New)

English Dictionary Pro (EDictPro) is very useful for those who are learning English. With English Dictionary EDictPro, you can lookup the keywords, learn, find and remember words very very easily. English Dictionary EDictPro has features as following:
- The application is very light, the whole data dictionary is stored on the external card.
- No need internet connectivity to use the app. You only need a network connection for the first time to download data.
- User-friendly and beautiful interface. Look-up in the dictionaries is very easy, simple.
- Lookup cross between the dictionaries. And allows show/hide the meaning for each dictionary.
- Support for looking up keyword by voice.
- Support for keyword link, pronunciation.
- Support for showing image in data
- Support landscape screen.
- Support selecting text on meaning area to lookup, translate and read.
- Support translation function between 70 languages.
- Support for saving and management of favorite words to make the users easy in learning new words.

This application can be used as Dictionary, English Dictionary, English English Dictionary, Wordnet Dictionary, Babylon English Dictionary, Babylon Picture Dictionary, American Idioms, World History Dictionary, Microsoft Computer Terms, Gerry Vocab Teacher, Britannica Concise Dictionary, Chemical Compound Dictionary

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