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Quick and fun! Practice Anywhere! Learn Adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, past, present and future tense. The app has over 80 grammar points to help you improve. A great learning English study app.

Learn English through our six level ESL English grammar school stages. To be able to speak fluently you need to improve your grammar. Our free EFL grammar games can help you. The exercises range from easy to difficult. The learning is for life. Spoken English requires vocabulary such as verbs and phrases. Luckily our free app has lots of these! English conversation is not magic, you need the basics, such as our beginner section.

How to use this app

Firstly, educational gaming for test and exam practice. Secondly, the more challenging quiz text could be used with an English dictionary for word study. Thirdly, if you plan to live in English speaking countries, then this app might be useful as a 24/7 study review. This app could be useful review study in restaurants when ordering food, traveling on flights or checking in to hotels.

* 5 game types - challenge, timer, daily, practice and feedback
* see the answers after practice games
* Play feedback games - by clicking on your feedback at the end of practice games
* Daily questions are brought to you every day - you can start or stop by using the settings button.
* Fast games
* The answers
* Grammar Feedback - linked to web Search in your language.
* Grammar Feedback Games - practice your weak points!
* Improve your second language skill
* Test your grammar: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.
* 700+ questions!
* Answers to quiz questions
* A Scoreboard: What's your score?
* Add a profile photo
* Send screenshots of your score on social media.
* Send a challenge question to a friend!

The daily question feature. You can receive a daily grammar question every morning as a notification. Click on the notification and you open a one question game. It is easy to opt in and out of this feature using the settings button.

The Feedback Games. Once you complete a general game you will be shown feedback. You can click on any feedback item to go to a feedback game. All the questions are on one point of grammar!

History. A record of your performance is kept on the history page.

Who is this app for?
*International students - prepare for grammar tests, enjoy your hobby.
*Teachers - motivate your students to practice grammar.
*Business people
*Blended classes
*Tourists and business people - be more successful when communicating.

* ESL classes
* English classes
* learn English
* EFL classes
* English conversation
* English grammar

This is app is mainly for students of English over 18 years of age. It could be used by teenage kids, but please understand this app has adverts some of which may not be appropriate for very young users.

By downloading this app you accept the terms of our End User License Agreement (EULA) found at http://eltsoft.com/eula/ and our privacy statement found at http://eltsoft.com/privacy/

Grammar points include;
be verb, general verb, nominative and objective pronoun, possessive, negation, interrogative, present past future progressive, countable/uncountable, modals, present future past tense, wh-questions, prepositions, perfect tense, perfect progressive, adverbs, adjectives, parts of speech advanced, positive comparative superlative degree, possessive pronoun, plurals and singular, idioms, phrasal verbs, imperative, passive, to infinitive, gerunds, existential sentence, reflexive pronoun, tag question, articles, conjunctions, participles, it; formal subject, it; formal objective, relative pronoun and adverb, immediate future, causative/perception verb, negative pronoun, definite/indefinite pronoun, inversion, transitive vs intransitive, subjunctive, word order, time/conditional adverbial clauses, sequence of tenses, subject-verb agreement, participle advanced, emphatic construction.

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