English-Korean Connect is a audio based language utility tool which helps translate various common English words and phrases to Korean. It is a communication app which bridges the language barrier between those who know English with those who know only Korean.

From various common greetings and pleasantries, to numbers and names of the days or months, English-Korean Connect App, helps the user communicate by audio/sound support in Korean language. Whether it is asking for directions or for such similar situations in which travelers find themselves in or for making oneself understood to a Korean counterpart in a business transaction, the user has to only select the desired word/ phrase from the various categories already listed and press the relevant key beside it, to activate the audio translation of the word. The person with whom the interaction is being done, can then understand what the user meant to say and the communication is accomplished.

For the user’s benefit, there are carefully thought out categories like Expressions, Questions, Help for asking address and transport details, Situational categories like Train Journey, Sight Seeing, etc. which include likely conversational phrases one encounters in such situations.

English-Korean Connect has the dual advantage of being designed for users who know English and also has Korean translations in audio besides the translation in written script also. Navigation is simple, enabling even a lay person to use the app effectively.

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