English Riddles & Brain Teaser

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    "English Riddles and Brain Teasers" contains 277 riddles and puzzles in 3 levels according to their levels of difficulty.
    A a variety of riddles are introduced here. Some repuire unique English-speaker ways of thinking, some require reading ability, and others require knowledge on English words.
    You can train your senses of humor through "English Riddles and Brain Teasers".

    Level 1: 80 riddles, easy and simple ones including some Halloween riddles.
    Level 2: 81 riddles; intermediate ones including some Christmas riddles.
    Level 3: 87 riddles; advanced ones, often long, that require your reading ability including 8 trivia quizzes about English words.

    Supervising Editor
    Paul Sonny Kim (Seong Won Kim), a Korean born and raised in Japan, author of "Riddle English" (NOVA BOOKS), representative of Sonny's Language Lab, Korean and English language instructor for all ages, translator and interpreter among Korean, Japanese, and English.

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