EnglishPodcast for Learners




    Podcast player for English learners.
    With a feature to change playback speed faster or slower as you like.

    A lot of good educational resources : learn English listening, learn to speak English.

    This application contains a feature to change playback speed slower or faster.
    With it, you can improve your listening skills.

    It's easy to use : Download Podcast , select playback speed , and play.

    Some podcast contains transcript.

    - Podcast list
    - Play, Pause, Stop
    - Repeat
    - A-B Repeating
    - Playback speed changing
    - Play Video Podcast

    **Playback Speed**
    Slower : 20% - 100%
    Faster : 133 - 400%

    **Included Popular Podcasts list**
    These are only a fraction of great podcasts.

    [Featured] Category
    ESL : English as a Second Language
    BBC The English We Speak
    VOA Special English
    & more

    [News] Category
    CNN News Update
    ABC News
    FOX News
    & more

    [Business] Category
    Business English Pod
    TED Talks (Audio)

    [Video Podcast] Category
    VOA Special English TV
    Sesame Street Podcast
    Reuters: Top News
    & more

    And more categories.

    Best application to improve your listening skills on Android.

    **About permissions **
    - INTERNET and ACCESS NETWORK STATE are required for downloading contents.;
    - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for save audio to SD card;
    - READ PHONE STATE to stop automatically when there's an incoming call.
    No personal information is saved, including contacts or phonecalls.

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