Entrepreneur Guide

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    ** ! Become an Entrepreneur to become self employed !**

    Entrepreneur is one platform where the person can start his own business and create opportunities for other.This is the need of the hour for every person to start self business and add to the economy of the country.Entrepreneur can be viewed as the innovator who builds capital through risk and/or initiative. Entrepreneurship is a welcome opportunity for the person starting his own business.The entrepreneur should write news press release and publish it in the entrepreneur magazine.

    This app include the following keys-
    *How to become an Entrepreneur
    * Keys point to know the body language of an Entrepreneur.
    * What Should be the Dressing sense of Male Entrepreneur .
    * What should be the Dressing sense of Female Entrepreneur.
    * Few Success Secrets of an Entrepreneur.
    * What should be the Business meal of an Entrepreneur.
    * How to Place an advertisement in entrepreneur magazine.

    Note : This app does not focus on entrepreneur mobile, entrepreneur games.

    Understand the rules and achieve your Entrepreneur ship !