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Whether you aspire to start your own business or are a serial entrepreneur, this entrepreneurship training offers real-world insights that can be put into action. Jason Nazar, CEO of Docstoc, shares important lessons learned over his career, first by working with new companies then on to starting his own successful business.

From the early stages of vetting your idea and raising money to hiring the best team and continuing to grow your business, this training offers poignant insights from a real entrepreneur that can be applied to any business.


Lesson 1 - I'll See It, When I Believe It
Lesson 2 - Perpetual Sense of Urgency
Lesson 3 - The Only Variable You Can Control is Work Ethic
Lesson 4 - The 5 Step Sales Processes
Lesson 5 - All Effort is Equal
Lesson 6 - You Don't Have to Have a Product to Sell a Product
Lesson 7 - 10 Questions to Consider When Starting a Business
Lesson 8 - Court Mentors
Lesson 9 - What's Your Why?
Lesson 10 - Entrepreneurs Sell Ether
Lesson 11 - Ideas Don't Matter, Execution Does
Lesson 12 - Speed and Momentum: The Power of Now
Lesson 13 - The Entrepreneur's Dilemma
Lesson 14 - Make Your Product Different and Better
Lesson 15 - Keep It Lean
Lesson 16 - First, Sell Yourself
Lesson 17 - Be Sincere & Exceed Expectations
Lesson 18 - 10 Lesson Startups Can Learn from Superheroes
Lesson 19 - The One Most Important Thing
Lesson 20 - Certainty: You'll See it When You Believe It


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"Jason is truly credible, approachable, and experienced. Many good ideas, no attitude, a true "here to help" spirit -- well done (and thanks!)"
- (Brett Watkins ) ★★★★★

"I learned a lot about myself and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Hopefully I'll be able to employ these tips and be successful. He's a great lecturer and he's clear and concise!"
- (Annie H) ★★★★★

"I really enjoyed it. It may no be anything new in your words, but you put all together in a really useful and clarifying way. Sometimes is hard to see the practical application of many of the subjects you mentioned. In that sense this course was really helpful to understand how to use those concepts you talk about here"
- (Mauricio Arias Santana) ★★★★★

Instructed By: Docstoc Videos | We Make Every Startup and Small Business Better

Docstoc Videos were designed to walk entrepreneurs through starting, running, promoting and growing a small business. All courses are produced in-house, and feature experienced founders, investors and industry experts from companies including Google, Betterworks, and Rustic Canyon Ventures.

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