Esperanto Vocabulary



This application is designed to help Esperanto speakers in the intermediate and advanced levels to improve their vocabulary and reading skills.


* 1568 terms and definitions.
* Vocabulary Player: pause, resume and forward terms like using a media player.
* Text to Speech: hear and learn the correct pronunciation of every word in the vocabulary.
* Text to Speech: read word definitions together with the app and improve your reading skills.
* Two-way quiz: Study and test your Esperanto to English and English to Esperanto vocabulary.
* Swipe enabled: simply swipe the bottom of the screen to fast forward terms.
* Automatic loading of terms after a defined space of time (6 seconds by default, changeable in Settings).
* Completely offline (use it on the road), lightweight, runs in all screen resolutions and uses no extra storage.

Text to Speech:

Prior to use the Speak Words and Speak Descriptions features builtin in this software, you will need a Text to Speech engine, such as SVOX or IVONA, with a Polish voice installed and active in your device (voices can be installed directly from inside the app). The Polish voice will then be adapted to speak Esperanto.

Tiu programo estas ankaŭ disponebla en aliaj lingvoj:

Portugala lingvo ("Vocabulário do Esperanto"):

Hispana lingvo ("Vocabulario Esperanto-Español")

Franca lingvo ("Vocabulaire Espéranto"):

Kataluna lingvo ("Vocabulari Esperanto-Català"):

Rusa lingvo ("Эсперанто словник"):

Ĉeĥa lingvo ("Esperanto Slovník"):

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