Euro 1945




    Euro 2012 Host Cities: What was here before?

    As Euro2012 hosts Poland and Ukraine kick off this year’s European Football Championship, we must take a moment to remember what took place here less than 70 years ago. This site, Euro1945, provides general information as to how Poland and the Ukraine looked pre WWII and serves as a memorial to all those who perished.

    Euro 1945 is a project for commemorating the holocaust, initiated by students from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), Israel.

    Our goal is to raise awareness to the Jewish communities in the cities which are hosting the international soccer tournament “Euro 2012″. Poland and the Ukraine are the biggest cemeteries of the Jewish people. During the Second World War, millions of Jews were slaughtered and murdered by the hands of the Nazis and their helpers. An international soccer tournament like the Euro is an opportunity to raise awareness of those people whose legacy has been cruelly extinguished. In this site you can find information and pictures of every Jewish community, different sites in the city and a link to what is occurring there these days. The site has been built voluntarily and is open to any on-line surfer for adding content, ideas for improvement or personal stories.