Europe Travel Dictionary



Talking European Dictionary Phrasebook – ideal for travelers or students. Learning to speak French, German, Spanish, Italian or English.

Offline Concise dictionaries to learn only the words you need to use.
Display a word from all dictionaries at once.

Ideal for (Highschool) GCSE French, GCSE German, GCSE Spanish, GCSE Italian and brilliant if studying more than one language.

Combine the Phrasebooks with the dictionary to make over a 100 essential phrases for each language pair.

The learning game helps to build vocabulary, playing the game or revising words for today.

English <-> French
English <-> German
English <-> Spanish
English <-> Italian
German <-> Spanish
German <-> Italian
French <-> Spanish
French <-> Italian
Italian <-> Spanish

Very small app does not take space on your phone.

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