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Do you want to learn facebook?
The best way to learn is by example!
So This app contains lots of built in example & tutorial videos for free!
The app also contains a simple facebook slang game.
You are encourage to post me requests for more facebook indexes.

Index list:
Getting started with facebook
Create a facebook account
facebook welcome page
How to set up a facebook page
Your facebook profile
Friends on facebook
Invite friends
Delete friends
Search friends on facebook
facebook Timeline
facebook status
Privacy on facebook
How to set your privacy 
How to Poke Someone on Facebook
photo sharing on facebook
upload photo at facebook
Sharing links on facebook
How to create a group on facebook
how to create event on facebook
Design your facebook
Facebook company page
How to create facebook page
Advertising on facebook
Likes on facebook
Hide your Friends List on Facebook
How to Create Business Pages on Facebook
How to block someone on facebook
How to unblock facebook
How to tag friends on facebook video
How to block facebook
How to block people on facebook
How to contact facebook
facebook background
Smileys on facebook
Delete facebook
Games on facebook
facebook Tips and tricks
facebook tutorial
de facebook
in facebook
i facebook
facebook how to
a facebook
how to facebook
what is a facebook
facebook i
about facebook
where is facebook
facebook a
to facebook
en facebook
face book
facebook login
how to a website
how do you get a website
how to website
a website
how to websites
it websites
how do i get a web site
how do i get a web page
online website
how to make your own .com
website design
design website
how to design website
how to design a website
design a website
web sites
it social networking
facebook page
facebook profile
how to do a website
facebook account
download facebook
website designer
how to get on facebook
make site
how to make a site
how to make site
make a site
how to create a website
make a website
how to make an website
to make a website
how to make a website
how to make website
how make a website
make website
how make website
how to make a web
facebook sign up
sign up for facebook
how to social network
face book page
how to make a video
make a facebook
how to make a facebook
build website
how do you build a website
how to build website
how to build a website
how can i build a website
who to build a website
how build a website
to build a website
how do i build a website
build a website
online training
it online training
online it training
build a site
how to build site
build site
how to build a site
to build a site
facebook app
make web page
how to make web page
make a web page
build a web
apps on facebook
apps facebook
apps for facebook
facebook apps
facebook pages
how to create a facebook
create facebook
make a webpage
how to make a webpage
make a web site
how to make web site
to make web site
facebook mobile
start a website
how to start website
to start a website
how to start a website
facebook application
how create web page
web designing
on line training
how to get a website
how to get website
get a website
facebook home
web site design
new facebook
build a web site
build a web page
applications facebook
facebook applications
applications for facebook
online training courses
online it training courses
facebook game
website designing
designing a website
facebook apps application
facebook uk
website making
facebook blog
how to open a business
create a app
how to create app
building a site
site building
training video
how to building a website
website building
building website
building a website
facebook register
facebook homepage
web building
training videos
make your website
facebook developer
app inventor
how do you build a business
make facebook page
how to make facebook page
make a facebook page
to make a facebook page
facebook developers
facebook plugin
start a facebook page
start facebook page
how to make your own site
facebook development
facebook users

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