Have you ever wondered how many hours per day the average American spends on grocery shopping, sleeping, or looking after their kids? Or what percent of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies or other common medical conditions? Would you like to know which are the fastest growing occupations in the US? Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who needs statistics for a paper that is due tomorrow? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Facts2Go® is for you.

Facts2Go® is a powerful tool that brings statistics from some of the most comprehensive and reliable data sources to your mobile device. It allows you to access socio economic statistics from various Federal government sources including the Centers for Disease Control and the Bureau of Labor statistics. These statistics cover topics such as demographics, mortality and life expectancy, inflation and prices, employment and unemployment, and health care expenditures. The statistics come in pre populated tables and are ideal for college students and members of the general public interested in socio economic statistics.

Plus if you are a serious statistics or social science data user, please stay tuned because Facts2Go Pro® is coming soon. To provide feedback on the app or request features that you would like to see in future updates please send a message to apps@innovaturecorp.com.


Facts2Go® is grateful to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control, the US Department of Education, and the US Census Bureau for providing the underlying data that populates this app. Please note that changes by any of these agencies to the underlying data files will affect how this app works.

Facts2Go® is a registered trademark of Innovature LLC