Farm animals for kids - free


Farm animals for kids - free's review

by Peter Warrior

An educational game where your children can learn about farm animals.

  • English, Italian and Spanish languages.
  • Large screen strongly recommended.
  • There isn't child lock.

"Is that a chicken or a hen?"

Animal for Kids are Wemotic series of simple games perfectly fitted for children. Child friendly games are absolutely welcomed to the Androidverse. In the end, they'll be the Android users of tomorrow and touchscreens may be the perfect complement for their entertainment and early education.

In fact, the games featured in Animals for Kids aren't anything new, but technological versions of classic games instead. Painting games and so on. Two cute robots guide the child along the activities proposed and give rewards as the game advances in the form of actual photos of the chosen animal. If the child pays enough attention, he will hear the real sounds (moos, chirps, whatever) and will learn a lot of obvious stuff about them (e.g. the cow can be milked, what did you expect? It's a game for children!). There are also some peppered advices for mum and dad.

Overall, it feels as the developer has taken care of every aspect of the game. There are three languages available, so it can be useful for families with more than language or for those interested in their children get used to another languages other than their own. Activities can be timed. What we really miss is a child lock or whatever so your son can't call unintentionally to God knows where or erases something he shouldn't when you are not looking at him.

This free version comes with three animals. If you upgrade to the paid version you get access to all fifteen the whole game has.

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