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[Software Description]:
Febo Kids are kids read the story, listen to songs, learning English, to help learn a good helper and a good tool for parents to provide more health benefits to coax the baby the perfect tool.
Febo Kids
- To provide quality baby cradle songs, so he no longer crying;
- For the baby boutique children's bedtime story, let him quiet sleep;
- For pre-school children baby to provide entertaining learning content, so that the baby does not lose at the starting line;
- For the school-age baby boutique study aids, let your baby easy leap;
Febo Kids
- Mass content, listen to bedtime stories, crying, listening songs, traveling knowledge, learning and auxiliary tools;
- Every day there are recommended, week in and week have new products;
- Download cache, offline playback, as there is no network available, the provincial traffic, the provincial electricity;
- Exclusive Baby interface, easy to use, fully offline, peace of mind and peace of mind;
- Dedicated parent interface, super big management, recommend, hot, latest, search, list, download manager for the baby like how to customize on how customized!
How old is your baby? No matter how old he is, as long as he or "baby", Febo Kids are sure to find him help, valuable and meaningful quality content!
The main contents]:
Story: Puzzle stories, idiom stories, celebrity stories, English stories, fairy tales, fables, children stories;
Children's songs: Chinese songs, English songs, Chinese classic nursery rhymes, children's songs album ladder in English, Cantonese songs;
Kids Video Animation: Construction ...
Children learn: Happy alphabet, children mathematics, poetry
Children English

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