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    Flame Throwers Knowledge can tell you all flame throwers information. There are many different types of flame throwers such as flamethrower,Portable,No 2 and Blaster and so on. You can not only see the pictures of the model, but also see the basic information about server history, muzzle diameter, length and so on. In addition to that, it also can tell you a text just like the Wikipedia. As a result, after the reading, you will know them better!
    In addition to flame thrower information, we also provide you many news about pistols and rifles! You can also see the picture and information about them. If you do not like search them according to guns type, you can get them according to country. For example, you what to know more about America guns, you can open the country app and find America, press the gun it it, you can get the information quickly!
    You may would like playing gun games, all information is helpful when you playing games and may help you get high score in games. You can also install gun games app in this app too. Press ABOUT button, you can download many free apps that developed by us!

    FUNCTIONS that may surprise you:
    1.Two different apps will appeared in your mobile phone. One is an app with all function and the other is classified according to country!
    2.There is a gun type picture in the app and you can know the appearance of them.
    3.We offer you almost 25 gun types in the app and it including flame throwers, rifles and pistols.
    4.All guns are belongs to 13 countries and you can know which country the gun belongs to.
    5.What information the free app will show you?
    *A picture about the type of gun. You can know what it looked like.
    *The basic information about weight, high and so on.
    *Serve history about where it has been used for. In which army and in which war...
    *Production history about when it is produced and what is the number built!
    *A totally information including all news. It is just like the introduction in Wikipedia!
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    You may watch the information about guns in TV or newspaper, but all has time and place limitation. If you have an free app on your mobile phone, you can get the answer about guns as quick as possible! Install it to your mobile phone now, it will not let you down! :) Hope you like it!
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