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Flash Cards GPL does flash cards and more. It's no-cost, open source, and ad-free. The goal is a tool to ease memorization. It can mimic traditional flash cards as well as behave like a multiple-choice quiz. Mistakes are tracked and can be automatically repeated, as an option, until learning is achieved. Custom flash cards can be created on-line for free, though any images would have to be added afterward on a PC.

See http://www.survey7.com/flashcards/ for more information.

. Multiple-choice or traditional/non-input modes
. Optional: repeat missed cards until answered correctly several times
. Missed cards are listed on the Pause screen
. Missed cards can be isolated for a repeat round
. Related facts can be printed on the cards' backs (swipe left to cycle the backs)
. Cards can be run forward, in reverse, or randomized
"Reversed" cards can be made automatically
. You can select between "Reversed" only (option "2,4,6,..."), normal only (option "1,3,5,...") , or all
. Cards can contain an image, text, or both
. You can search through Wikipedia for card text by pressing the Menu key
. Multiple colors/themes
. User-creatable cards
. No advertisements
. Source code is available under open source GPLv3 license
. Customized versions of the App can be created very easily

If there is a feature you'd like to see or an annoyance
in the interface, please feel free to email me.

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