Flashcard help you to memories information. You can study and do revision anytime and anywhere.

Suitable for parents, children and small group teacher.

The main characteristics:
1. Profile management: can manage flash cards and study progress of multiple users.
2. Text-To-Picture card: provide visual learning.
3. Change class type: enjoy speech and listening, Q&A and visual learning with same set of data.
4. Auto-play card: cards will auto-play in study mode.
5. Reverse card: feel familiar with the cards? reverse it in quiz mode and test again.

With Flashcard you can create 3 types of flash card.
1. Text-To-Speech: It will read the text with the language you defined.
2. Text-To-Text: With this kind of flash card, you can do something like Q&A or keyword definition.
3. Text-To-Picture: This type of flash card allows you to put a picture with text. It is a visual aid to remember something.

1. Add, edit and delete profile.
2. Add, edit and delete class.
3. Add, edit and delete card.
4. Study mode: autoplay cards.
5. Quiz mode: test your memories.
6. Study method: In order, random and Leitner System.
7. Online Sources: search and download flash cards from Quizlet.com. Search by keyword or username.
8. Simple statistic of profile, class and card.
9. Multi-language support: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.

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