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You will find the manual at: http://yoshi.s206.xrea.com/android/fcdroid/fcdroid_e.html . Please do not say, "It doesn't function." or "I can't open the data file.", without reading the manual! X(

FcDroid (Flashcards for Android) features:
- Multiple-line
- .png .gif .jpg files can be included
- Free sample data: Try "Flag Quiz"! Learn periodic table, and more!
- Both ways: front side -> back side / back side -> front side
- Different directions: forward / backward / "random T" / "random P"
- Bookmark
- Level & Range: Skip the tricks you have learned by heart or study more intently the tricks you find difficult to memorize.
- Full / split screen
- Adjustable font size
- External fonts can be used, even if not installed
- One-hand operation possible
- Text to Speech function - English (US / UK), French, German, Italian and Spanish
- 'Front page' can be added
- Very simple data format: Write your own data with ease with your favourite text editor.
- Works on Android 1.60 and above

For more information, visit: http://yoshi.s206.xrea.com/android/index_e.html

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