Clean agent fire suppression system (Clean Agent Extinguishing System) FM-200.
    Clean fire extinguishing systems, FM-200 systems are suitable to be used for the fire that occurred in an area equipped with high value electrical and electronic equipment is an important part of doing business, such as a computer room. Control rooms, telecommunications rooms, museum or store goods or property of high value clean fire at the cabin. Equipment and property will not be damaged.
    Clean agent fire suppression system, this Clean fire injection system is a comprehensive whole room (Total Flooding System) protected area must be enclosed well using the standard NFPA 2001.
    The FM-200 material properties and the chemical formula CF3-CHF-CF3 or C3HF7 a boiling point of -16.4 ° C, it is a gas at room temperature. Slightly soluble in water (260 mg / liter), with elements such as First. Halogenated carbon compounds (Halocarbon Agent), which is a clean agent fire extinguisher with at least one chemical element or more of these substances is chlorine, bromine, fluorine or iodine Marine.
    Inert substance (Inert Gas Agent) is a clean agent fire extinguisher with at least one chemical element or more. Helium, neon, argon of these gases is carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas mixture to be used as a secondary element
    For Appilcation FM-200 CalCulaton-2 to calculate the amount of a substance can be calculated based on the Class A, Class B and Class C, and can be compared to the size of the tank different cylinder. For use in the installation of FM-200 exotics the organizer can download Manual Appication by

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