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    TabPilot FocalPoint Secure Browser is a locked-down browser system for Android tablets.

    FocalPoint provides a secure learning environment for students. Teachers use a cloud-based control panel to enter allowable web sites then send those choices wirelessly to student tablets. Students stay focused on their learning so that teachers can focus on their teaching. FocalPoint is available as a stand-alone system or with TabPilot Tablet Manager to allow complete control and management of apps and content.

    The FocalPoint browser does not have an address bar, so students cannot navigate to other sites by typing an address. The configured web links can be set to allow or block links to other sites. FocalPoint becomes a "kiosk". This environment is ideal for standardized testing environments such as Common Core Assessment or online state standards tests. It can also be used to turn any web site into a dedicated learning activity for students.

    A subscription to TabPilot Control Tower is required to use FocalPoint. Free and Paid accounts are available. FocalPoint also requires TabPilot Launch & Lock, the tablet interface that is used to display the configured web site links on student tablets.

    Managed From the Cloud
    - Configure sites via browser with TabPilot Control Tower.
    - Set links to restrict students to a single site or allow links to other sites.
    - Send sites wirelessly to an entire group of tablets.

    Locked-Down Browser
    - Turns a web site into a dedicated learning activity: no browsing
    - No address bar: students cannot type in other sites
    - Cookies and history clear automatically after each student

    Ideal Testing Environment for Standardized Tests and Practice Sites
    - All sites except the selected test site are restricted
    - Locked system prevents students from running other apps

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