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    Since the earliest years of human history, groups of people living together have needed rules to regulate their daily lives. Small, pre-industrial societies chose chiefs or other leaders to make and enforce the rules by which they lived. The people themselves took no part in the rulemaking. They left everything to their leaders. Forms of government are sets of constitutional institutions by which states are organized.

    Governments decide such matters as what kinds of property should be publicly owned (that is, owned by the state in the name of the people). They can also decide how much property can be privately owned and how much a person must pay in taxes. Governments can set educational requirements, place limits on immigration, and conscript (draft) citizens into military service. Public libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions, hospitals, and parks are at least partly dependent on government.

    Forms of Government Pro Provides a Detailed description of the different types of government, their formation and so on.Information about Democracy , Monarchy, Theocrarcy etc provides you the knowledge about it.
    Description of Republic, Aristrocracy, Dictorship and so on is an added feature of the app.
    Quiz section of the app tests your knowledge about the Government forms.