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Are you tired of always having to have with you your collection of formulas to determine a formula or table, or those times when you need your formula, but forgot it on someone else? Or do you simply want a mobile formulas always at hand?

Then "Formulas Pro" is for you!

In "Formulas Pro" are formulas and tables values ​​in mathematics, physics and chemistry aimed at junior high and especially high school.

The physics part contains the following categories:

- Mechanics
- Press
- The theory of relativity
- Atomic and Nuclear Physics
- Waves
- Magnetism
- Optics
- Electricity

- Units and prefixes
- Atom
- Waves
- Electricity - resistivity
- Conversion - units
- Mechanics
- Nuclear Physical Data

The mathematics section includes the following categories:

- Algebra, Equations and Logarithms
- Derivatives and integrals
- Functions and graphs
- Geometry
- Sequences
- Complex numbers
- Trigonometry

- The exact function value
- Pi and E
- Prime numbers
- Faculties

The chemistry section includes the following categories:

- Amount of substance
- Concentration
- The general gas law
- Conversion Kelvin - Celsius

- Water vapor saturation pressure
- Normal Potentials

Periodic Table:
Complete periodic system with the following facts about each element:
- Label
- Atomic number
- Name
- Atomic mass
- Electron Shell

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