• Math app for kids 4th grade to 8th grades.
• Learn LCM, GCF, Improper Fractions, Fraction Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)
• Comparing fractions, Converting fractions, Simplifying Fractions and much more.
• A detailed tutorial on Fractions.
• About 120 problems at different levels on fractions.
• Highly recommended for elementary and middle school kids
• Highly recommended for elementary and middle school kids

2) General Features - These are common features on all apps from
-The screens are designed for simplicity and easy navigation.
- No display of ads on any screen.
- No location tracking.
- No offline notifications or messages.

3) Our Privacy Policy:
- We do not collect any information from the user.
- We do not ask the user for any personal details like name, age etc.
- We do not transmit any information on user.
- We want to provide a very safe environment for kids to use our apps.

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