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Fruits ABC is the ❼th in a series of "Intelli-Gen Kids" apps.

✹✹✹✹ Best Kids App for Learning about Fruits ✹✹✹✹

Fruits ABC app is a dual mode app with the following modes for learning about fruits -

✦ Flash Cards mode
✦ Fruits Chart mode

✹ In the "Flash Cards" mode, kids learn about the 'fruits' and 'alphabets' as well as 'dry fruits' using animated Flash Cards. Kids love the flash cards as they are the simplest, easiest and most attractive form of learning for them.

✫ Tap the "Fruit Cards' or 'Dry Fruits' options to open the corresponding Flash Cards.
✫ Once the Flash Cards are opened, swipe across the screen to the left or right to unveil Flash Cards for all the alphabets/fruits or dry fruits.
✫ There are a total of 45 Flash Cards with many fruits for some of the 'alphabets'.
✫ As a Flash Card opens, the app also speaks out either the 'alphabet' or the 'name of the fruit/dry-fruit' that is displayed. The sound option is configurable and can be controlled through the following process -

✦ Long press on any Flash Card to get the "Fruits ABC Menu" where you can select the following options:

✤ Sound Off
Turns off the sound completely

✤ Sound On - Letters
As you swipe from one card to the other, the app speaks out the letter that is displayed

✤ Sound On - Words
As you swipe from one card to the other, the app speaks out the word (for the picture) displayed on the card

✤ Sound On - Click
Swiping from one card to the other produces a 'click' sound

✦ Tap once on any Flash Card to hear the sound of the 'letter', 'word' or the click sound again if any of the sound options are enabled. In addition, the card is also animated keeping your child engrossed and interested in learning.

✹ In the "Fruits Chart" mode, a chart of all the fruits is shown. Each fruit image in the chart can be tapped to observe the following -

✫ Tapping an image in the chart opens a bigger animated image of the fruit
✫ The name of the fruit is also spoken as the bigger image is displayed
✫ The name of the fruit is displayed in bigger font at the top of the screen

The Fruits Chart mode provides yet another 'interactive' and 'fun' mode for kids to learn about the fruits.

✹ Fruits Game - A fruits memory game that provides an option to you and your kids to have lots of fun while learning about fruits.

✔ This app not only works as a great learning tool for your child but also helps you to assess the progress being made by your child in remembering the alphabets, fruit names and their spellings.

✔ Each Flash Card (in Flash Cards mode) contains just the necessary information and there are no other extraneous elements like 'Setting', Options' or other elements that hinder your child's learning experience. Helps to keep your child's focus on learning the information that is presented.

✔ Your kids will surely have hours of fun using this app and of course learn the 'alphabets', 'fruits and dry-fruit words' in the process.

♚ Go ahead and download your copy right now to make your child an "Intelli-Gen Kid".

Hindi language version of Fruits ABC is available at:

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