Full Physics Formulas



Free Full Physics Formulas app is an awesome app for all students and is designed and developed for college students .This app has many sections on physics and is very helpful during the exam period. Please feel free to send us your comments on how to improve this app.
This app will be cover following chapter:
"Units, Dimensions & Measurements",
"Motion in one Dimension & Newtons Laws of Motion", "Vectors",
"Circular Motion, Relative Motion, and Projectile Motion",
"Friction & Dynamics of Rigid Body",
"Conservation Laws & Collisions",
"Simple Harmonic Motion & Lissajous Figures", "Gravitation",
"Properties of Matter", "Heat & Thermodynamics", "Waves",
"Electrostatics and Capacitance", "Current Electricity",
"Magnetic Effects of Current", "Magnetic Properties of Current",
"Electromagnetic Induction", "Alternating Current", "Light",
"Modern Physics"

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