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    Fun for toddlers is an fun sounds and puzzle toddler games for free
    Each puzzle have 7 items that make funny sounds over 80 different sounds

    play it as a puzzle game or like a sound game

    *Easy puzzle
    *Fun sounds
    *Menu for toddlers
    *design for toddlers

    Have fun !

    One of those kids games that your children will just adore! Fun for toddlers will keep your kids mind occupied for a long time.

    What goes in the package?

    • Great looking interface
    • Wonderful colors in every puzzle
    • Each puzzle have a different set of objects, animals and sounds
    • Designed to please your kid’s eyes but also yours.
    • Free of charge-WOW this is great

    No matter where you are, your kid will be able to keep his/her mind occupied. This is a kids games that you won’t forbid your kid to play. It is both easy and challenging. How is that possible? Well, each slide has a totally different set of animals and objects but the principle behind the game is the same in every slide.
    Pleasing design will keep your kids imagination occupied for the weeks to come. The game is not poor with colors which is what your kids really love-loads of colors to catch every toddler’s attention.

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    have fun!

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