g-Bird Android is a Worldwide GPS Bird recording app that allows you to quickly and easily record any Bird species that you are currently viewing in the field anywhere in the world. No more need to write checklists anymore or create personal bird lists for certain areas, its all automatically done now and can be exported and emailed to .csv format for use in other projects. It should take now about 2-4 seconds to record any bird sighting and is possible to record most species in a bird party around you in just a minute or 2 while they are still present.

    One of the main features of the app is a provisional validation of whether the bird is Inside/Outside its recognized Distribution Range or not and therefore a first level of Data Vetting. This helps tremendously and provides immediate feedback of a potential mis-id of a bird in the field. Having the phone tell you whether it is out of range allows you the chance to re-id the bird while it is still in front of you.

    The ability to record real-time bird observations in the field and have them flow directly into the g-Bird database has huge implications, not just for birders and g-Bird, but for citizen-science in general.

    -- View Sightings in 3-D GoogleEarth once uploaded from the phone

    -- Species lists for all 252 Countries worldwide

    -- GPS records Latitude/Longitude

    -- Also records current Date/Time, Behavior, Status, Bird Count, Comment of any sighting

    -- In-Range/Out-of-Range validation for All sightings in Africa, Europe, N&S America

    -- In-Range/Out-of-Range Validation for Species in Selection-List based on current GPS position

    -- GoogleMap display per Sighting (with Range Map and Sighting Validation)

    -- GoogleMap display for All Sightings in TripList

    -- 7,000 Species Range Maps

    -- 7,000 Species Thumbnails

    -- 16 languages for Species (Eng, Lat, Fre, Afr, Spa, Dut, Ger, Ita, Por, Heb, Jap, Rus, Ara, Swe, Chi, Kor)

    -- Email sightings to friends

    -- Trip List Counters (Total Sightings, Total Species)

    -- Search for any species in the WorldList

    -- Report: My Sightings per Species

    -- Report: Personal Bird Lists available in next version

    -- Built-in Database on Phone to manage Sightings

    -- Uploading functionality from phone

    -- Personal Account Manager

    -- Uses IOC Species Name source

    Please note that an additional download of 65MB is required once this app has been installed. Please ensure you use a WiFi connection to prevent additional data costs.

    Sightings in Database will NOT be lost when updating to later version of app.

    You do not need an internet connection on the phone to use the app to record your Trip Lists. An internet connection is only required when uploading the lists to the server to view in 3-D on

    Once registered, your registration details will be the same when working on the phone or the website

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