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Galilean is software to help plan and assist observations of the major four jovian satellites, also called the Galilean Moons.

Meteorites and artificial satellites excepted, nothing moves faster in the eyepiece than Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. For this reason, these brightest moons of Jupiter are most popular and easy targets for binoculars and telescopes alike.

Galilean plots current and time-shifted positions of the moons, both as on-north orbit view and edge-on, while the latter can be tilted to Jupiter's rotation axis (geocentric) or parallactic angle (topocentric), if Jupiter is above horizon. Transiting moons and their shadows are plotted on an enlarged view of the planet. For curiosity, triple shadow events can be simulated from a list of occurrences between the years 1901 and 2092.

Galilean also computes detailed physical and positional ephemerides for Jupiter and the moons, as well as countdown for the transit of the GRS. Furthermore, a chart is provided showing Jupiter's elongation from the Sun.


* Orbit and edge-on views
* Tilted edge-on views
* Views through various optics
* Time shift ±10 min, ±1 hour, ±1 day
* Selectable date and time
* Rise, set and transit times
* Jupiter ephemerides
* Jupiter moons ephemerides
* Rectangular coordinates
* Spheric (3D globe) views of the Jovian moons
* GPS-enabled or manual input
* No internet connection required
* Runs in full-screen portrait mode
* Simple operation


This application is believed to be reliable and accurate, however, errors inherent to the human factor or operating system implementation cannot be ruled out entirely.

1. This application is designed for phones and tablets and operates in portrait mode only.
2. Please be so kind as to send a report preferably with screen snap should you encounter any layout issues.
3. This application requires Android 2.2 or higher and a display which is to the Android standard.
4. Please contact the author, if you have any pre-sales questions.

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