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Do you want to have FUN, meet and greet, create groups, build trust and the team, relax or try raccoon circles?

We have created a bank of over 100 well tagged searchable activities for you to find the right energiser within seconds for any situation.

Regardless if you are in a classroom, in a gym or outside. Your group can be young or old, small, big or just one person. You choose the risk level, how much time you have, and if you want to use resources or not. The right activities will pop up on your screen immediately.

The Benefits

Interactive activities light up a group and bring people together. They help a group get acquainted, spark a discussion, change the pace or bring closure to a group activity. These activities are FUNdamental to learning!

Everyone can play, rules are simple and the focus is on spontaneity, community building and FUN! Everyone's valued! These activities invite cooperation and innovation. If you don't like the rules, change them. Not enough room? Reduce the boundaries or break them into smaller groups.

Sharing is Caring

Enjoy our activities and if you have different ones to share, please email them to us so we can feature them in our next version.

Leading Energizers

The best way to lead is to participate yourself. First, briefly describe the activity, it's basic rules and the purpose. Then demonstrate the activity with a few volunteers. Once participants get the idea they can help one another. Once the activity is over begin talking about it. Look at the discussion starters and the question bank in the app.

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