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    Discover a Revolutionary Approach to Garden Landscape Design to Having a Great Looking Garden and Happy Stress Free Life in a matter of Days

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    Table of Contents

    Garden Planning: What’s in it for Me?
    The Crucial Missing Link
    Planting Flowers vs. Designing a Garden?
    Eight Steps to Designing a Garden of Your Dreams
    Assessing What You Have
    How to Assess Your Yard
    To Build a Panorama
    Transfer the Existing Landscape to Graph Paper
    How to Plot Your Yard on Graph Paper
    Put Your Thoughts on Paper
    Essential Decisions: Determining Your Needs
    What is the Purpose of the Gardens?
    Garden Types
    Formal Gardens
    Foundation Planting
    Border Gardens
    Cottage Gardens
    Walkway Gardens
    Lamp Post and Mailbox Gardens (Fixture Gardens)
    Tree Gardens
    Woodland Gardens
    Shade Gardens
    Rock Gardens
    Ponds and Water Gardens
    Container Gardens
    Window Boxes
    Wildlife Gardens
    Island Gardens
    Evening (Moon) Gardens
    Tropical Gardens
    Four-season Gardens
    Cutting Gardens
    Fragrance Gardens
    Vegetable Gardens
    Herb Gardens
    Setting Priorities
    My Top Three Gardening Priorities:
    Getting Ideas for Your Garden
    Steal from the Best
    Where to Find Information Online
    Essential Elements of Garden Design
    Shape and Pattern
    Exploiting Focal Points in the Garden
    Geometry in the Garden
    Natural Focal Points
    Plants as Focal Points
    Destinations as Focal Points
    Manmade Focal Points
    A Sense of Balance
    Color in the Garden
    Color schemes
    Effective Color Use
    Sure-fire Color Combinations
    Plotting Your Dream Gardens
    Transfer Your Paper Ideas to the Yard
    Tips for Plotting Your New Gardens
    Alternate Method
    Online Garden Plans
    Selecting Your Plants
    The Holy Trinity of Plants
    Annuals vs. Perennials
    Plant Hardiness Zones and how they Affect Perennials
    USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map
    Annual Minimum Temperature Range
    Working Within Your Budget
    Preparing your Garden Beds
    Outlining Your Garden
    Outlining Gardens with Straight Edges
    Outlining Gardens with Curves
    Clearing the Garden Bed
    Clearing the Garden Bed the Easy Way
    Testing and Correcting Soil pH
    What is pH?
    Testing the Soil to Determine pH Level
    Collecting Soil Samples for pH Analysis
    When to sample the soil
    Equipment for Sampling Soil
    Collecting the Composite Soil Sample
    Amending your Soil
    Amending Acidic Soil
    Amending Alkaline Soil
    Beyond pH – Adding Nutrients to Soil
    When to Expect Results
    What’s Next?

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