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"Garden Design Secrets Your Landscape Contractor Doesn't Want You to Know" is a roadmap for both novices and experienced gardeners in search of new, fresh ideas.

You'll discover simple, step-by-step instructions for:

✔ How to accurately assess your existing yard

✔ Deciding you goals

✔ Establishing your priorities

✔ Stealing ideas for your gardens

✔ Mastering the essential elements of garden design

✔ Plotting your dream garden

✔ Making perfect plant choices right from the start

✔ Preparing your garden beds

There is no right or wrong garden. But there are right and wrong ways of going about creating one. Mistakes cost time and money - and can frustrate amateur gardeners to the point where they simply give up or lose interest.

Revealed! Tips the Experts Use to Get More Done in Less Time

"Garden Design: Secrets Your Landscape Contractor Doesn't Want You to Know" will tell you:

✔ Where to get FREE plants four times a year

✔ How to use color to camouflage an eyesore

✔ What the rarest color in the garden is, and how best to incorporate it into yours

✔ Little-known secrets for squeezing blood from a turnip in the yard

✔ Which dirt-cheap and dramatic perennial can be planted at 2-week intervals for color from early summer to late fall

✔ The one simple trick that can reduce your weeding by 90 percent

✰✰✰✰✰ Grab your copy now and take your garden by the roots and impress yourself and your neighbors for FREE! ✰✰✰✰✰

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