Garden - Who is Hiding



Hidden under plant pots and behind bushes. Where could all the animals be hiding? Your child will need to look carefully to find all the animals hidden away inside this app, which will delight and entertain your child with the fabulous graphics and fun elements.

• ‘Read to me’ – automatically reads each page of the story
• ‘Read it myself’ – the story book can be read in traditional form
• ‘Lift the flap’ – the answers and pictures appear once the flap is revealed

Whether you are looking to entertain your child in the car, on holiday or you just want a fun learning experience with your child, this app is ideal and practical in many ways.

This colourful and fun app is recommended for children ages 3-5.

‘Garden – Who is Hiding’ is part of a range from Robert Frederick. If you like this, look out for the other upcoming books such as ‘Forest‘, ‘House’ and ‘Jungle’.