GCSE Maths Complete

GCSE Maths Complete

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This handy revision app teaches you everything you need to know for GCSE Maths. It combines the separate apps for Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics and Probability produced by Haslam and Hall Publishing, a leading educational publisher in the UK.

* Includes Foundation and Higher levels.
* Revise the key facts for GCSE Maths.
* Take Quick Quizzes and try to beat your saved best score.
* OVER 1000 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS with full worked solutions.
* No internet connection needed once installed.
* Suitable for all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR).

* Mental Strategies
* Written Methods
* Negative Numbers
* Multiples & Factors
* Prime Numbers
* Rounding & Estimating
* Fractions
* Decimals
* Percentages
* Ratio & Proportion
* Powers & Roots
* Standard Index Form
* Surds
* Basic Algebra
* Equations
* Formulae
* Simultaneous Equations
* Factorising Quadratics
* Solving Quadratics
* Inequalities
* Sequences
* Trial and Improvement
* Coordinates and Graphs
* Real-life Graphs
* Graph Transformations
* Graphs You Should Know
* Direct and Inverse Proportion
* Symmetry
* Angles
* Parallel Lines
* Polygons
* Transformations
* Congruence and Similarity
* Perimeter and Area
* Circles
* 3D Shapes
* Volume and Surface Area
* Constructions and Loci
* Pythagoras' Theorem
* Trigonometry
* Sine and Cosine Rules
* Circle Theorems
* Vectors
* Estimating Measures
* Reading Scales and Accuracy
* Metric and Imperial Units
* Time
* Speed and Density
* Bearings and Map Scales
* Area and Volume
* Collecting Data
* Averages and Range
* Frequency Tables
* Two-way Tables
* Pictograms
* Frequency Diagrams
* Pie Charts
* Stem and Leaf Diagrams
* Scatter Graphs
* Box Plots
* Line Graphs (Time Series)
* Cumulative Frequency
* Basic Probability
* Calculating Probabilities
* Experimental Probability
* The AND and OR Rules
* Sample Space Diagrams
* Tree Diagrams

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Comments and ratings for GCSE Maths Complete
  • (78 stars)

    by Dom Evans on 28/02/2014

    This app is get for revision it has everything for gcse and it's all in one place. You cab first read through a revise for the summary page and then test your self on the quiz and see what you need to go back a revise. This app is a must buy.

  • (78 stars)

    by Brandon Smith on 11/01/2014

    This app is simply the best for revising maths, very clear and understandable, I am currently taking further maths and this is definatley helped, so glad I found this app. So obviously five stars, but more if I could.

  • (78 stars)

    by Lucy Swinton on 07/01/2014

    I love this app, has everything I need to know for math ,great revision resource and it explains stuff clearly !! It evens lets you test yourself after you've revised the subject which I find handy , because you can go back at any time and take a quick te

  • (78 stars)

    by Danny Vaughan on 05/06/2013

    This is by far the best gcse maths app ever! Its like something from a pc cd–Rom for your phone. I love the way thay have mad this and the fact it shows you how to do maths on all of the subjects is great. Only thing I didn't like about it, is when I fi

  • (78 stars)

    by Julia Brundish on 18/04/2013

    This was a great revision tool which I used along side my own notes. It explains everything perfectly and gives you opportunities to practice your maths skills too. I certainly felt more confident going into my exams. Highly recommend.

  • (78 stars)

    by Duncan Saunders on 25/02/2013

    Very useful when doing gcse maths, is helping me a lot

  • (78 stars)

    by Haseeb Khan on 11/02/2013

    I like it until know I have seen very use full .