GED Math Review



• 1400+ practice questions
• Solution for all questions
• 351 review topics for comprehensive coverage
• Instant score and performance analysis
• Automatic identification of topics to review

GED MATH Review is a complete preparation package for GED that is sure to improve your quantitative score.

~ Take full length GED like tests and mini tests
~ Review all the topics in details and improve your score
~ Instantly find out your score and performance in different sections
~ Review all your answers: relevant topics for each question are identified for easy review

Take Practice Test: GED MATH comes with more than 1400+ questions and offers two different length tests. The Full test is just like real GED tests: 90 minute test with 50 questions that covers both section of GED mathematics test. The Mini test has the same format but the size of a single section: 45 minutes and 25 questions. Both tests follow the exact GED composition of various topics. While you review your answers, GED MATH will automatically select the relevant topic for each question.

Get Instant Score and performance analysis: GED MATH gives you detailed score instantly. It calculates your raw and scaled score and your performance on different subjects area. GED MATH determines if you score the minimum required scaled score of 410 to pass. For each question the relevant topic will be identified to focus your study saving you time. You can save all your scores and track your improvement.

Review All Topics: GED MATH is design to improve your GED score and help you brush up on the core mathematical concepts. For that it comes with complete review of all topics - 351 in all. All the ideas are presented into bite-size topics for fast and easy review. Each topic has complete review including definitions of all mathematical terms, explanation for all core ideas, all important formulas and equations, useful tricks and shortcuts. Each topic page contains the core concept along with examples and helpful reminder to watch out for the common mistakes student make.

To help you focus only on what is required based on your performance on each section, topics are presented in four categories: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability & statistics.

Arithmetic: 140 topics in this section is designed to give you all the information you need for numbers and operations. Topics covered includes properties of numbers, arithmetic operations, inequalities, absolute value, factors, multiples, prime factorization, divisibility rules, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, proportionality, rate, arithmetic average, powers and square roots.

Algebra: 55 topics in this section covers variables, algebraic expressions, evaluating an expression, basic operation on monomials, binomials, and polynomials, factoring techniques for polynomials, system of linear equations and inequalities, solving quadratic equations, properties of radicals and fractional powers, rational expressions, roots of polynomials, functions, and graph of functions.

Geometry: 128 topics covering the basic concepts of plane geometry, coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

Probability & Statistics: 28 topics covering required ideas from probability and statistics for data interpretation and analysis. The topics include sequence of numbers, arithmetic progression, geometric progression, median, mode, range, sets, union and intersection, counting principles, combination of choices, permutations, probability, probability involving geometric figures.

GED MATH helps you prefect your skill and avoid mistakes. With GED MATH you will not only help you pass the mathematics test, but do it fast and efficiently.

We appreciate any feedback: suggestions, corrections, or comments you may have.

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